For heating and cooling a ground source heat pump (geothermal heating) will be used. The homes will have convenient underfloor heating instead of radiators. The small-block walls and paneled intermediate ceilings of the house ensure good heat and sound insulation and the long service life of the building. All interior walls of the apartments are covered with 2x gypsum boards on the inside. Large windows and high ceilings (3 m) provide plenty of sunshine and space. Considering the principles of energy efficiency, the building has triple glazed windows and an apartment-based ventilation system with heat recovery, which ensures minimal heat loss. In addition, there is convenient underfloor heating (no radiators) based on a hybrid gas boiler. SMART HOME (BISLY) controls the temperature, monitors remotely read meters, opens doors and gates, etc. The door of each apartment can be opened keyless if desired. The homeowner conveniently manages the SMART HOME (BISLY) solution using a telephone app. The house has an elevator, which opens directly to the room on the top two floors.



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